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Neighborhood: Dogpatch
Group Affiliation: Dogpatch Collective

“I’m reading a book about Matisse. In a 1950 interview he said, ‘I believe my role is to provide calm because I myself have need of peace.’
“I find this striking and have been contemplating it over breakfast. Maybe I believe my role is to provide joy to people because I myself am in need of people. The Brushstrokes pieces I love most are the ones that look the most like figures. The colors are happy and embody the joy within.”
– Ariel Gold journal entry • May 1, 2020
Ariel’s family believes its role is to honor Ariel’s intent. It is hard to let her paintings go; there will be no more. But Ariel painted for people. She wanted her art to live with them, to bring them joy. It would be selfish for family to keep them all. She wouldn't have wanted that.
Beginning September 27, 2021, her remaining work will be available for purchase.
She will be in our hearts forever. Her family appreciates the opportunity for Ariel's work to be part of SF Open Studios. She valued ArtSpan and appreciated what it did for her and other artists.
Please embrace her credo: Live Vibrantly.

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