Julie V Garner

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I am a self taught artist rooted primarily in collage and photography. My main body of work is a series of woven photographic tapestries depicting the built environment, primarily urban and industrial. I’m drawn to historical structures that demonstrate the hand of humans and the passage of time. These can be seen on my website along with a description of how they're made.

During the pandemic lockdown I felt compelled to work more with pure form, color, texture and pattern.  This was a way, I believe, of keeping myself grounded in positivity even as the world around me turned dark and distressing.  I spent the next year and a half working with spray paint and exploring shape, pattern and texture.  Some of these can be seen on my IG account.

The photo-collage series grew directly from the experience with spray painting.  As I pivoted back to photography, the work took on a much more abstracted nature.  I found myself attracted to stairs and fire escapes because, aside from their graphic appeal, they symbolize change and movement to me. I'm applying them in a kaleidoscopic manner to depict the state of chaos in the world today. The last few years, full of political madness and pandemic, coincided with a period of upheaval and huge changes in my personal life. Stairs going up and down, forward and back, in a seemingly indecipherable direction, hit the spot for me. Shadow took on new meaning as well and most of the collages incorporate strong shadows. Lightness and darkness. Progress and regression. That is what inspires this series.