Momoko Schafer

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Neighborhood: Bayview
SFOS Details:
Weekend 1 (South/East): Oct. 22-23
Public Glass
1750 Armstrong Ave
San Francisco, 94124

Momoko is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and her current body of work reflects on the recent experiences as an East Asian passing fem. Many of her past work showcases interactive installations and wearable sculptures to break down social expectations while centering healing and inclusivity.
Momoko is starring in Season 1 of Netflix’s Original Series, ‘Blown Away’, a glassblowing competition showcasing 10 artists from the US and Canada. Outside of glass, Momoko is curating a zine for Self Love Social Club, sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Grant. To learn more about her creative journey and to support, please visit her Patreon account. Funds will support future filming production, and various subscription tiers will be granted access to exclusive updates and sales.