Moonji L. Pickering

Neighborhood: East Bay

I love having some good chocolate chip cookies after a hard day of watching my energetic 12-month-old baby. It feels like a reward for my endeavor. The sweetness spreads in my mouth and it gives me a boost to wrap up and greet the next day. I associate sweets with good memories. When I think about donuts, it reminds me of the fun trip I took to Portland with friends. On a cold night, I reminisce about the time when my husband and I excitedly waited in line to order ice cream at Mitchell’s Ice Cream. When I was very young, my grandmother used to have a jar of fruit flavored candies saved just for us (grandchildren). I don't know how pricey it was back in the 90s but it was a precious thing between my grandma and me. She never had any for herself. She would just have a big smile on her face watching me roll the candy in my mouth. She is gone but I wanted to remember her and our precious memory by painting the candy jar. By painting sweets, I capture all the sweet memories that are associated with them. Needless to say, I look forward to painting many more memories.