Robin Mize

Neighborhood: Excelsior

Robin Mize spent her childhood years on a ranch in Morro Bay which is
located on the Central Coast of California. She roamed the hills in
nature and began painting and drawing at a young age.
Her images became increasingly abstract while attaining an MFA at
San Francisco State University where she created large monochromatic
Color has become increasingly important in the latest works whether
working in Oils or Gouache. The challenge of Plein Air or painting on
site has given her a new love for the beauty of the landscape where
both abstract and realist sensibilities come to play. The challenges of
plein air painting may include weather, changing light, sneaker waves
and exuberant canines all in one
day however the direct viewing of the scene can bring an unparalleled
freshness and vibrancy to a painting that are
difficult to achieve in the studio.
Robin and her husband Rich now divide their time between San
Francisco and the ranch in Morro Bay and her paintings reflect her

reverence for the natural wildness of the countryside as well as the
industrial beauty of The City.