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Neighborhood: South Bay

I began my art career as a realist oil painter and through creative exploration I have grown into an acrylic pouring artist. These last few years, I have had many major breakthroughs in developing my style. I know produce loose, abstract, vibrant works with a hint of realism.
There is a systematic process required to produce each of my pieces. Each painting starts as a vision of movement, a color, or a dream. These visions inspire color schemes and trigger the need for me to capture the vision on canvas. I do not attempt to recreate the scene exactly as a realist painter might, but instead let the composition, paint, and color expand naturally. Each painting is unique and one of a kind. Just like the impressionists I admired as a child, I strive to infuse my art with explosive color, light, and texture.
My training started with drawing, then shifted to oil painting, printmaking, and graphic design. I have continued my education through workshops, and a 11-year apprenticeship with a local mural artist. I have expanded my style using various techniques and mediums, incorporating everything around me as a tool in creating my art.
Art provided me with a sense of joy, happiness, and excitement throughout my life. My goal is to invoke the same feeling in my viewers. I love sharing my work and am very grateful for any support and feedback.
Classes offered and commissions welcome.
Currently, my paintings can be found via Silicon Valley Open Studios, Facebook, Instagram, Artspan SF, and