Sherry Schaffer

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Neighborhood: SOMA

I use the medium of painting and drawing to reflect my vision of the world. I love mark making, using color, line, and varied materials to imbue my artwork with energy and life. I reflect on my inner and outer perceptions and feelings of my place in the world trying to capture both the beauty and the struggle that exits in life and in the process of art making.
. Creativity is sometimes a struggle sometimes it flows,it is a wondrous journey...

The mixed media drawing of a man thinking is set in a prison. .perhaps of his mind....The fair skinned woman in the back round with her servant is a reminder of the many desires and challenges we face in our lives due to societal and cultural norms.
I love color and mark making—feeling the visceral movement while drawing or painting is so rewarding - sometimes transporting myself to another dimension of reality. I believe art is an experience that can bring us thoughtfulness, joy, respite
and wonder, enriching our lives immeasurably.