Andreana Rosnik

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Neighborhood: Castro

Through my artwork, I’m looking to put a twist on our idea of reality, in a few different ways. More specifically, there are many aspects of how we perceive the world that do not have true “faces” – so my work is my attempt to put a face to these hidden beings and forces.
For example, one of my current projects involves portraying personal inner demons. Certain feelings, like guilt and shame, have well-characterized effects on our behavior, but we do not necessarily have a means of picturing them. Some conditions, like depression and the imposter syndrome, are well understood but yet remain nebulous in our descriptions of them. In this series I imagine how cultural representations, extreme consequences, and personal effects of these darker parts of our lives could be transformed into creatures lurking in our minds.
Another interest of mine involves bringing out the fantasy within natural forms. As children we often see many details and let our minds wander with them; essentially I seek to re-capture that mentality and run with it in my illustrations. Flowers are filled with symmetry and color, and so I enjoy exploiting them to make inception-inspired flower drawings. I extrapolate patterns in certain animals – like diamonds on rattlesnakes, spiral shells on molluscs – to create rhythm, to draw your eyes into the image, and to see the patterns and continuity that exist in nature.