Andrew Ogus

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Neighborhood: Sunset

I make drawings on prepared printmaking paper, combining my fascination with animals, people, and the male figure in various series and themes. Some incorporate people from personal photographic postcards from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, or small portrait photos known as cartes de visites in combination with modern models. “Fragments” are drawings that perhaps suggest something larger. I follow the tradition of rendering often combined with modern models human models as gods and heroes of the ancient and common era mythologies that still resonate today, their stories rendered in same sex images.

All these subjects are a conduit for exploring many kinds of marks, and how a simple variation in a line or a tiny stroke can transform an image.

Rather than create an idealized perfection I look for the extraordinary in ordinary people.

I am a member of the cooperative City Art Gallery. My work has won an award from the Tom of Finland Foundation, and appeared in various publications.

I am always hoping to make something beautiful.