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Neighborhood: Buena Vista

In my series 'expressive bodies', 'abstract-intuitive' and 'self-reflective' I mainly work with charcoal, pencil and ink pen.
Expressive bodies.
I am deeply fascinated by the human mind-body interconnection. We express ourselves through our physical body while our body simultaneously influences our thinking, feeling, whole being. In my highly contrasting charcoal and pencil drawings I explore moving bodies and expressive faces in the play of shadow and light.
My abstract and semi-abstract work draws inspiration from my daily life - a conversation I had, a pair of shoes. My sketching process is intuitive, happens in the moment and may be expressed in an impulsive movement. It is more about how something feels, sounds or smells rather than about a precise visual representation of an object or state. The resulting ambiguity can lead the viewer to very different and sometimes surprising receptions.
Combining impulsive scribbling with self-reflective notations is a beneficial, therapeutic way of accessing my inner unconscious world and expressing my thoughts and feelings. Some of it may be hidden under several layers of adaptation and I might just learn about it while in the process of drawing. The resulting artwork may be abstract or realistic and may contain text.