Blanca Estela Rodríguez

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Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

Blanca Estela Rodríguez is a Mexican artist, currently based in San Francisco. Rodríguez has lived in various cities throughout the world including Mexico (Mexico City), Gothenburg (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), and now the Bay Area. Her artistic practice focuses on portraying people, personalities and characters - either human or machine-made- to create abstract portraitures. Rodríguez utilizes a variety of mediums in her work ranging from photography, film and installation through integrating various technologies. In her newest body of work Rodríguez explores the shifting relationship between light, shape, perception and its effect on representation and illusion by manipulating acrylic glass.

Geometrías de Luz emerges from Rodríguez’ interest in the shifting relationship between light and shape and its effect on perception (what we become aware of through the senses), reality (the state of things as they actually exist) and illusion (a distortion of the senses affecting how we organize what we perceive to be real). Her work combines these three ways of understanding of the world around us to contemplate the following core questions: What is real versus what is perceived based on one’s own experiences? How do our actions determine the way we perceive the world around us?

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