Brandi J Ynocencio

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Neighborhood: Portola
Group Affiliation: FrameArt Studio

I find myself drawn to the gothic fragments left embedded in religious architecture. My current works incorporate examples that I encounter in my present day exploration of San Francisco. I adopt this style into my work to retrace the structures and therefore examine and reproduce the methods used in creating these iconic designs, gaining insight into the meticulousness of detail, scale, and thought that accompany creating this aesthetic.
I work primarily with intaglio etching and linoleum relief, as well as mixed media and collage. I strive to find a balance between order and chaos, new and old, traditional and modern. I incorporate symbolism that reflects some of the ideals of 17th century dutch painting, including vanitas which represents the fleeting life, the ephemerality of beauty and the cycle of life, death and rebirth.