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My work is a visual journey in time which embraces modernity and fosters a new age. As advancing technologies overwhelmingly challenge and baffle the lifestyles of people on the planet, they change social rituals and create new symbolic representations of a homogeneous modern culture. In the midst of these transformations I use technology as a means of human expression rather than focusing on its utilitarian function. In this context I aspire to convey that the spirit of man prevails, since we are the source and not the object of creation.

My work is divided in two phases:

As an artist:
I am witnessing the rapid changes and new developments in technology and science. In my work the human face is shown as fragmented portraits intertwined with tools, textures, and abstract forms - symbolically representing the objectification of my own ideas, memories, feelings, and experiences of current times. Both artificial and natural elements are superimposed on the human image. These portraits act as a vortex, attracting and repelling objects according to the theme evoked.

As a developer:
I am looking to explore this digital age where creative coding has become a pivotal component in my work.  It has enabled me to utilize interactivity as a form of communication, allowing me to move viewers from a passive perception to an active one where they become explorers and co-creators instead of pure observers. 

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