Cecile Picard

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Neighborhood: Richmond

I live in San Francisco for the past 10 years. Originally from Burgundy in France, I migrated to Sunnyvale California in 1994 to work as an animator with PDI/DreamWorks for few years. I work in San Francisco and the Bay area as an artist, muralist & Designer.
I hold a degree in fine Arts from the « Beaux Arts School of Dijon » in France and from « Otis Parsons Institute of Arts » in Los Angeles, USA.
I studied as well 5 element Chinese theory that influences my work and my philosophy. “it is the heart that is important”.

About the sculptures:
I work small now, I am making miniature portraits sculptures in porcelain clay mostly.
The expression on the faces are uplifted, inspired, tender or loving to soften and comfort the viewers.

About the mixed media watercolors:
Each watercolor is a meditation. I start with a circular shape defining an interior and an exterior. In the form of a seed, heart, cell, planet or egg, a drop of magenta watercolor pigment takes life to become a flower, a landscape, an eye, an embryo or a...
A respiration between the inside and the outside takes place. The magenta color symbolizes pure love in the Universe. like a chant, I write words in a spiral to help the opening of the heart with the inspiration to bring beauty, to elevate & to trigger a heavenly feeling in us, to uplift us.