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Neighborhood: Mission
Group Affiliation: 1890 Bryant Street Studios

or THREADS, a creative partnership between Bay Area painters Andreina Davila + Ytaelena Lopez.

The subject of this series is the process of transformation where the individual, depicted as an animal, becomes one with the place. The animal becomes the place and the place becomes the animal.

For the artists, as native Spanish speakers, the verb “TO BE” can have two meanings: the state of being in a place (‘estar’) and a definition of who we are (“ser”). This duality is central to the dialog that takes place between the environment and the animal.

The environment and the animals living on it develop a joint identity, much as it happens in life, where our actions help define and shape us and the environment around us.

Each painting starts with the abstraction of a place. Andreina gives, color, texture and form to the idea of an open, inviting place. Then, Ytaelena imagines who could inhabit here, and, line by line, an animal form comes to life. Last, we weave this interaction between the two different forms: fauna and place become one…

In a time when our relation to what we call “home” is questioned by issues like climate change, immigration and gentrification, FAUNA represents a break, a moment to breathe and imagine what could be possible.