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I’m a San Francisco flâneur who enjoys 
noticing and finding odd beauty in things 
that most people overlook. I tend to shoot 
in natural light, and am endlessly fascinated 
with the interplay of light, color, shape and 
texture. I’m at home in the urban landscape, 
and find pleasure in dramatic shadows, weird 
juxtapositions, and weathered things that have 
been lived in and left behind. My camera is 
often my eyes as I explore.

Lately I’ve been combining digital photography 
with mixed media and some elements of assemblage. Beginning with a recent trip through Italy, 
an occasional photograph will beg to be rendered 
in a more 3-dimensional, layered fashion, opening 
up the image in tactile and spatial ways. Working 
with found objects and tactile materials is satisfying,
and engages my love of carpentry and problem 
solving. Hopefully for the viewer it conveys a sensual 
experience; a sense of being inside the picture.

I also have a background in multimedia and in graphic 
design. I make my living as a digital archivist, and am 
rarely seen in early mornings.

Check out more of my work on Instagram: @glennbphoto