Jessica Levant

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(650) 588-5432

Neighborhood: Dogpatch

A San Francisco-based photo artist for many years, and now an abstract painter, thanks to 2020's Shelter-In-Place where I found I could move my studio from my laptop to my dining table, I have enjoyed getting my hands full of paint and apartment full of color. While my photos often featured 'visual irony' or interesting juxtapositions of light, textures or shapes, I have found in mixed media and painting that I love the abstract, applying multiple layers of colors and textures that take me and the viewer on small journeys into the unknown. My work has been exhibited in many juried and invitational group shows in the Bay Area since c. 2010. My photo art and prints of some of my original mixed media and paintings are available in many sizes and substrates at my print-on-demand site (, The originals can be seen and purchased through my online store ( or directly from me by calling or scheduling a studio visit at the link provided for a one-to-one meeting either in-person or virtually.

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