Katherine Hisako Kodamaa

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Neighborhood: Noe Valley

I am an abstract painter working in oil and beeswax. My former life as a microbiologist working in biotechnology might seem like a monumental change in careers but I approach art as i used to approach science: with enthusiasm and a beginner’s mind. In science, I loved the research, the process of problem solving, analyzing and discovery.. This is how I approach art making.
It has been my goal to paint the essence of a color. Multiple layers of different color paint create an intense chroma field. Spontaneous images appear during the process of layering. Every day in the studio, I am faced with a new question and it is my greatest joy to ponder and experiment. Asking the “what if” questions of myself, going through the process of investigation, and making the many color choices is how I work to create something calm and harmonious. In the end, that is what I want to look at.