Kathy Page

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Neighborhood: Glen Park

My work is often inspired by geographic imagery, real or imagined - a topographic map, a paint splatter, a satellite map, a fingerprint. I may investigate a single form repeatedly, expressing it in various mediums and from different perspectives or I will experiment with materials or processes and discover the work’s meaning in the process. My work is essentially an exploration of new territory – a practice grounded in curiosity, research and pondering the unknown.
Recent projects include the Wildfires: Points of Origin series, collages that capture the moment of ignition of some of California's recent wildfires and the Sidewalk Galaxy/Star Nurseries project, inspired by my neighborhood walks during the pandemic. Earlier work includes the Runes monotype series, inspired by a trip to the Shetland and Orkney Islands, the 2018 Identity Maps, based on fingerprint imagery, and the Atlas of Similarities, a 42-panel mixed media grid that evolved from an investigation of the impact of materials on form into a meditation on the relationship of individual identity to universal human experience.