Michelle Echenique

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Neighborhood: Hayes Valley

San Francisco based artist, Michelle Echenique utilizes found and natural material in her mixed media work. Using throwaways is key to the work’s impact and intention. She revels in the challenge of repurposing, reshaping and redefining recognizable material inviting a new read on the familiar, while highlighting contemporary society’s overconsumption.

Her work has moved from two-dimensional to the three and over the past few years and from mostly inside wall work to sculpture and installation often in outdoor settings. Regardless of form, the focus seeks to point out our deep connection to the natural world, which is profoundly threatened. Contextualizing work within a place’s natural and human history unites a current sense of time with its past and invites dynamic consideration of how current circumstance is shaped by what came before.

During the pandemic her work necessarily shifted back to the studio. Harnessing the profound emotions surrounding both pandemic and politics she created series: The Corona Chronicles and My American Flags.