Pam Jue

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Neighborhood: NOPA
Group Affiliation: Sunset Communal Arts
SFOS Details:
Weekend 2 (South/West): Oct. 29-30
2401 Irving Street
Sunset Communal Arts
San Francisco, 94122

My work explores what it means to feel in the body without judgment and to notice all the subtle changes that arise. We live so much in our minds thinking about the past or future, unaware of the toll this takes on our bodies. Through my art, I am teaching myself how to acknowledge my emotions by reconnecting back into my body.

Every piece starts with a sensation or thought that comes up. Through the course of the drawing, I observe what is arising and feel where it is manifesting in the body. Each line conveys the movement, morphing and sometimes release of these bodily sensations. The composition evolves and adapts as it mirrors what is happening in my internal state.

An important part of my process is to refrain from rationalizing or creating a narrative around my experience. Instead I choose to give it space so it may unfold on its own. Black ink, with its raw simplicity, provides me with a medium for honest expression. Each mark is a transference of a specific moment and every smudge, bleed, or crooked line is intentional, whether it's coming from my conscious or unconscious mind. I am forced to wait patiently, and at times uncomfortably, as the piece reveals itself. It reminds me that the process, not the outcome, is the artwork. It is a practice of giving up my sense of control and allowing the process to lead me.