Roseanne Chao

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Neighborhood: SOMA

Have you ever experienced the sensation of having a thought so abstract that it defies expression through language? That's how my mind works - written languages seem to fall short in capturing the intricacies of my thought processes. I process conversations with shapes, emotions with visual subjects, and hear music with colors. Since I was young, art has served as my vessel for expressing and representing a fraction of my vibrant thoughts, where the only boundaries are the dimensions of the digital and traditional canvas I work with. When I attach pen to paper, I am granted a sense of release similar to someone distressed letting out a scream.

Ultimately, my art serves as a visual manifestation of my emotions that persist until I immortalize them on paper. My favorite creations typically originate from a profound feeling or experience that I envision as an image in my mind before transposing it to canvas. Specific music often accompanies this process, amplifying the imageries that materialize in my mind. My visions frequently incorporate an amalgamation of fantastical, futuristic, and surreal subjects to communicate a distinct idea. I believe that people have differing methods of processing their emotions, and I find solace in reflecting on or finding closure with certain sentiments by capturing the images that inundate my mind. Only when this process culminates do I attain inner peace.

I aspire to create artwork that will bewilder and disorientate viewers, as they delve into the depths of intricate details and uncover hidden subjects. While my creations may stem from a specific source of inspiration, I relish hearing the myriad of interpretations people give to my work, as everyone’s unique background and experiences enable them to perceive colors and shapes in their own idiosyncratic way.

Therefore, through my art, I hope to scream so loud that you can hear me through the deafening canvases. I hope to encourage a space where we can connect and communicate with each other beyond anything verbal, through the language of art.