Rachel Major

Neighborhood: Upper Haight

My work explores our complex and often fraught relationship with food. I am specifically interested in the power and mythology of meat and how it represents men as powerful (for example: as hunters, carvers, grillers) and women as weak (for example: as it is expressed in our language- chick, (fat) cow, (old) crow etc..). Much of my work juxtaposes images of meat and dead animals with materials and processes that are traditionally female (fabric, needlepoint, organic shapes). Presently I am using images of dead animals from 17th century still life paintings. This need to control and have power over nature that is apparent in these paintings is expressed in the formal aspects of symmetry, repetition and pattern of my work. By taking the subject of dead animals and creating organic but recognizable shapes I am further exploring this contradiction of subject with a method and art form, power and weakness, nature and control.

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