Salma Arastu

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I paint to connect with the oneness. I listen into the unity for the design. When I paint there is an expression of both our primordial nature and the potential of our higher place in connection to God. Where you may see playfulness in my work, I experience myself reflecting on the joy of this connection. All life is one. My commitment is to both paint and celebrate all living beings that make up the totality of our unique and generous family. I feel a kinship with the animals, the fish, the trees, and their sentience and contribution to the ecological landscape that is our home. Where some see utilitarianism, I am drawn to emphasize the beauty. I feel the strength of the aliveness of the deep, and interdependent, relationships we share, and wish to protect what is being brought forward, by my brushstrokes. I wish to honor all beings. Our delicate, diverse and vibrant world awes me to feel how we are lucky, how we belong, and why we should care about our extended family. We are all one. And it all relies on love. The energy, consideration, and beauty of life is what I hope to bring through my work, to enable others to feel that aliveness and connection too. My highest dream is that the work that comes through me may help our human family to wake up to our very special place in this complex, and beautiful, web of life. For me, love is the only way to protect life's generous tapestry