Steve Javiel

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Neighborhood: East Bay

These abstract flower pieces have given me the opportunity to explore color as I step out of my comfort zone in the creation process.

The strong presence of color in my work is a representation of community. Also color brings me joy and it always brightens my day. It’s a reminder that better days are ahead. This new series is an attempt to spread positive energy that I hold inside me. As I look at these new pieces, I can see my growth and confidence as an artist.

My process often begins with photographs of flowers that I distort and strip of detail while maintaining their floral essence. Simultaneously, I break down their color and composition in my head. While painting I utilize a variety of tools, ranging from different-sized brushes and stencils to oil pastels. As I work with oil pastels, the unconscious takes over. Layers upon layers are applied until the surfaces take on a life of their own.