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Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard

Place is a central concept for me. I think about the places I’ve inhabited, their importance to my life, and their contributions to who I am as a human being and an artist. A sense of place can feed our spirit and be an embodiment of beauty and shared meaning, connecting us to each other.

Yosemite National Park is such a place for me. Having visited the park many times, I am always in awe of it’s uniqueness. My current body of work, Yosemite Granite series, grew out of one such visit. Photographing the variety of types of granite along the Tuolumne River, I brought the photos back to the studio and began translating them into charcoal, ink, and paint, focusing on the unique textures and colors both in the composition of the granite and on the stone—the various lichens and minerals that have left their marks. My love of granite can perhaps be traced back to growing up in New England, where granite is ubiquitous, and to my father who worked as a stonecutter in the local granite industry in New England, which creates much of the granite that is seen in towns and cities throughout the United States and beyond.

My hope with this series is to evoke the beauty, strength, and variety of this majestic landscape of stone formed millions of years ago.