Swann Freslon

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Neighborhood: North Bay

I’m an abstract painter.

I’m influenced by the colors and energy of my life, and the life around me; the nature, my family, my life of travels and the humans I meet, the countries I lived in and the ones I’ve visited… whether source of laughs or tears, I try to absorb and depict them whole.

I seek to create abstract paintings as an exercise of letting go; letting go the flow of my emotions and the viewer’s emotions; to the point where you don’t exactly know how to express what you’re looking at, but you deeply feel it in your soul.

As the viewer, I want you to feel that raw emotion, that energy and how it interacts with everything around us. This is the beauty of the abstract painting, when the viewer explores in the painting what the artist has defined. That’s what I’m trying to create with my paintings.