Tyrell LaRon aka L*Roneous

Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard

In Oakland, California, culture is a weapon. Interdisciplinary artist, Tyrell LaRon (who also creates music under the moniker “L*Roneous”) is both a product and a reflection of Oakland’s vibrant culture. Driven by two simple words “what if” seen on the cover of comic book at six years old, Tyrell LaRon has been creating and utilizing this theme throughout his life. His wide ensemble of artistic works as a musician and author includes over 20 indie albums, fiction stories (notably Ghetto Tech, the first installment in a series of afrofuturism novels released with a collaborative soundtrack and audiobook in 2019), published essays and editorials, award winning poetry, photography, and mixed media art. Regardless of the medium, his motive has always remained true to those two magical words: what if. It is in a tiny workstation in the back of his East Oakland home where Tyrell LaRon continues to create and apply the ‘what if’ motif to his artistic endeavors. 

His handmade collages examine historical iconography and cultural symbolism, incorporating a wealth of varied imagery ranging from the Renaissance Era and Ancient Egypt to modern Japanese design, urban culture, as well as found items, flea market treasures, and much more. The inviting and natural relationships formed in the finished artworks are simultaneously classical and contemporary, evoking a sense of familiarity and nostalgia much like a well known fairytale, but the individual artworks add a slight twist and a new ending to the tale already heard.