Valerie Corvin Abstracts

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Neighborhood: East Bay
Group Affiliation: San Francisco Women Artists

Valerie Corvin believes that the creative process is a combination of observation and intuition. Nature provides the greatest inspiration and reminds one of their connection to the earth. Each artwork aims to communicate that feeling using the unique organic shapes and marks found from a walk in nature - rock formations in the mountains, the shape of a melting snow patch, a grouping of trees on a hillside, erosion of the earth on a hiking trail, or an aerial view of the landscape. These are starting points for the interpretation of the firm forms of the land. Intuition lies in the use of contrasting, unusual organic shapes with enticing lines to punctuate the composition. Her many layers of paint, marks and collage create a sense of history and a firm base – a sense of grounding - which ultimately remind us of the connection that aligns us to the earth on which we stand. Corvin works in mixed media and collage. Her works are both as joyful and energetic and vibrate with color. She began her career in the visual arts at 40 years old. She returned to college and received her Masters in Museum Administration and worked for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as an museum educator. Corvin began her education in painting at the California College of the Arts and with numerous Bay Area painting teachers. Corvin is a founder of an arts center, the Piedmont Center for the Arts, and managed the visual arts program for eight years. Promoting and creating opportunities for fellow emerging artists is a passion and Corvin is the founder and administrator of a juried art competition exhibition now in its seventh year. Originally from New Jersey, Corvin now lives and works in her home studio in the East Bay Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area.