Artist Registration FOR SF OPEN STUDIOS 2022


We're making our way back to normal! Our plans for 2022 SF Open Studios include many of the traditions that we love, along with the innovations that we have discovered in the last two years.

Respondents to our 2021 SFOS Artist Survey indicated that (1) a more structured format is preferred to the self-scheduling model we tried last year, (2) the SFOS Exhibition should align with the time that artist studios are open for visiting, and (3) that ArtSpan should continue to offer an organized virtual event for artists who are interested in participating online. In response, ArtSpan’s 2022 SF Open Studios program will feature general geographic delineations corresponding with weekend assignments (see map & dates below). This division is intended to guide artists to select the region and weekend that best corresponds to their studio or SFOS event location, while maintaining the flexibility to select the weekend that works best for you. Our 2022 SFOS season will run from October 20 through November 13, to coincide with the assigned exhibition dates we have received from SOMArts Cultural Center

SFOS Registration will open in mid-June, with two levels of participation (Premier & Basic). If you are no longer an active ArtSpan Artist Member, we highly encourage you to renew your membership now to receive time-sensitive communication regarding ArtSpan’s SF Open Studios program. You can check your membership status by logging into your ArtSpan account, or by clicking here.

ArtSpan’s 2022 SFOS will honor the same fee structure as 2019 and will feature the following levels of participation:
  • Early Bird Premier ($160)
  • Premier ($175)
  • Basic ($85)
  • 2 Weekends Early Bird Premier ($320)
  • 2 Weekends Premier ($350) 
  • 2 Weekends Basic ($170)
  • 1 Weekend Premier + 1 Weekend Basic ($260)
  • 1 Weekend Premier Early Bird + 1 Weekend Basic ($245)

2022 Premier SFOS Registration Benefits:

  • Inclusion in the SFOS Printed Guide widely distributed to households and businesses in the SF Bay Area
  • Eligibility to participate in the SFOS Exhibition at the SOMArts Cultural Center (one artwork NO BIGGER than 20" x 20")
  • Broad promotion as part of the SFOS season
  • Inclusion in the Online Guide
  • Eligibility to participate in ArtSpan’s virtual open studios on BoothCentral (in addition to your in-person studio event) on Wednesday, Oct. 26 
  • Access to Venues Seeking Artists list to connect with spaces in San Francisco open to hosting SFOS artists for select weekends
  • Eligibility to purchase advertising space in the SFOS Printed Guide
  • Access to ArtSpan's branded Media Kit to help promote your SFOS participation


2022 Basic SFOS Registration Benefits:

  • Broad promotion as part of the SFOS season
  • Inclusion in the Online Guide
  • Eligibility to participate in ArtSpan’s virtual open studios on BoothCentral (in addition to your in-person studio event) on Wednesday, Oct. 26 
  • Access to Venues Seeking Artists list to connect with spaces in San Francisco open to hosting SFOS artists for select weekends
  • Eligibility to purchase advertising space in the SFOS Printed Guide
  • Access to ArtSpan's branded Media Kit to help promote your SFOS participation

Other Details:

  • The Printed Guide will continue to be offered and will be similar to our prior catalogs, with sections by weekend dates.
  • ArtLaunch will return as an in-person event, the evening of Thursday, October 20th, to celebrate the opening of the SFOS Exhibition and kick-off the 2022 SF Open Studios season
  • ArtSpan will continue to organize one virtual SFOS event on the BoothCentral platform, open to all registered SFOS artists who wish to participate. We will host the event on Wednesday, October 26.
  • SF Open Studios is open to artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who are members of ArtSpan and registered to participate in SFOS. 
  • We welcome participants from outside the city of San Francisco who wish to participate; however you will need to find a space in the city within one of the below quadrants and event dates. ArtSpan will develop and share a list of “Venues Seeking Artists” to help those searching for an SFOS space.

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If an artist or venue hosts other artists, each artist must be a registered participant with ArtSpan. ArtSpan has no oversight of Group affiliations and are managed at the discretion of the artist and/or group. Every artist participating in SFOS must abide by the Principles of Community and Cultural Equity. There are no refunds on registration and membership fees. Each artist is responsible for managing their studio presence during SF Open Studios and that ArtSpan is not responsible in any way. ArtSpan reserves the right to photograph the artist, event space, and artwork for publicity, documentation, and fundraising purposes. Terms subject to change.


Pictured above: Dianne Hoffman