Artist above: Claudio Talavera-Ballon
ArtSpan's Community Engagement program connects local ArtSpan artists with the San Francisco community to provide public art, and art activities at popular events to engage patrons in art-viewing and art-making. 


Hickory Alley Mural Project

What Does Music Feel Like? 


Hickory Alley, between Franklin Street and Van Ness Avenue in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. 


October 8 - October 19, 2018.


Friday, November 16, 4-7pm. FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! More details and invitation to be announced. 


ArtSpan has partnered with PlaceLab and the Friends of Hickory Alley under funding from the San Francisco Community Challenge Living Alleys Grant approved by the San Francisco Arts Commission to create a large-scale transformative mural-scape across five buildings on Hickory Alley between Franklin Street and Van Ness Avenue. ArtSpan hosted a call for designs that answered the question, "What does music feel like?" Residents and business owners form the Hickory Alley community have selected the mural design, and we are thrilled to see this project come to fruition as we work to beautify the city with artwork from local artists. 

Selected Mural Artist: 

Allison Tinati, aka Hueman 

ArtSpan's Transit Center Mural Project

Salesforce Transit Center - Temporary Window Art


In SOMA, at the Salesforce Transit Center; between First and Second Streets, at Minna Street (north side) and the Natoma Pedestrian Way (south side). 


August 3 - August 5 (closed to the public)


Saturday, August 11, 12pm-4pm. FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! More info here

Project Description: 

​ArtSpan is partnering with LPC West Transit Management LLC and the TJPA (Transbay Joint Powers Authority) to highlight and support the local artist community in San Francisco.

A total of 38 ArtSpan Artists and their teams were selected to paint designs covering 10,052 square feet of the ground level retail storefront windows at the new Salesforce Transit Center. Murals will remain on display to mask the vacant interior spaces as they await new retail tenants (two months to one year). 

Artists were asked to create imagery related to the theme of “Dynamism” to engage passersby and captivate viewers with a true local character and unique aesthetic. The mural spaces vary in size from 133 sq ft (7’x19’) to 630 sq ft (7’x90’). 

Artists will be painting all weekend, 8/3 -8/5, as the Transit Center prepares for the Grand Opening Block Party on August 11, 12pm-4pm. Join ArtSpan at the Block Party for the mural unveiling, featuring live painting performance by the following artists and more! 


Johnny BottsNora Bruhn, Renee DeCarlo, Ariel Gold, Mark Harris, Sugabus Media, Nicole Mueller, Kim Pabilonia, Nathan Phelps, Marius Starkey, Nigel Sussman, and Claudio Talavera Ballon.


Kristine Brandt, Joey Cordes, eE.l.os, Max EhrmanNina Fabunmi, Taiko Fujimura, Dilcia Giron, Heidi Hardin, Arran Harvey, Britt Henze, Robert Howard, Kristian Kabuay, Michael Kerbow, Arthur Koch, Rachel Kowalik, John Kraft, Krisztina Lazar, Andrew Li, Paul Madonna, Nate MelladoDaryll Peirce, Matthew Priest, Lynn Rubenzer, Brian Singer, Charles Valoroso, and Annie Walker.


Savoir-Faire & Sennelier abstract® Acrylic

Cole Hardware

Blick Art Materials 



ArtSpan presents Community Mural Projects to engage San Francisco event visitors to participate in a collaborative painting activity facilitated by ArtSpan artists.

ArtSpan's Lead Artist Facilitator creates an original, small-scale, mural design that will be gridded off into small, square cells. Each participant selects a square and reinterprets the original imagery on their own mini-canvas. In the end, hundreds of individual participants will contribute to a collaborative 4’ x 6’ mural.
This event can take place outdoors or indoors, and the artwork can be displayed in community spaces to showcase the collective creativity of San Francisco patrons.

To learn more, please contact