Art-In-Neighborhoods program 

Program MISSion & Goals:

ArtSpan’s Art-In-Neighborhoods program serves the city of San Francisco by connecting communities with local artists while activating spaces with vibrant, locally-made artwork. ArtSpan partners with local businesses and building owners to bring art studios, art exhibitions, and art events to businesses, dormant storefronts, and empty spaces. Local artists who are ArtSpan members are given the opportunity to create, display, promote, and sell their artwork in these diverse venues. All aspects of the program allow otherwise unused walls, spaces, or properties to become creative arenas for celebrating local arts.

* Amid closures caused by COVID-19, we are adapting AIN to still connect artists with art appreciators while maintaining safe social practices.

Introducing V-AIN: Virtual Art-In-Neigborhoods, a hybrid of real-life and digital experiences recognizing ArtSpan Artists. *

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The Art-In-Neighborhoods program strives to create visibility and accessibility for local arts in San Francisco. ArtSpan provides the public with free, high-quality arts exposure. Simultaneously, local ArtSpan artists are given the opportunity to promote and sell their artwork. Each of the Art-In-Neighborhoods exhibitions and community events will provide clear, consistent information about ArtSpan programing to educate the public about ArtSpan’s goals and how to become a supporter – by attending our events and buying artwork from local artists! 


Summer Youth Art Show @ CUMAICA – 4726 MISSION STREET, SF, CA 94112

      Featured Youth ArtSpan Artists: Priya Chichester & Evelyn Tran Emery
      Exhibition Dates​: June 23 - October 27, 2023   
      In-Person Artist Reception, July 22, 2023, 12 pm - 1pm | RSVP link 


Life In Paradise @ MISSION BOWLING CLUB - 3176 17TH STREET, SF, CA 94110

     Featured ArtSpan Artists: Rebecca Culbreth, Mike Gabriel, Alvar Jacomet, Tracy Swedlow, Mimi Sweeney & Yuting Wang 
     Exhibition Dates: September 18, 2023 – March 25, 2024
     In-Person Artist Reception: Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 6-9PM | RSVP link


Life Emblems @ MISSION BOWLING CLUB - 3176 17TH STREET, SF, CA 94110

      Solo show featuring Jeff Bostic
      Exhibition Dates: January 30 - June 12, 2023


       Featured ArtSpan Artists: Agustina Caprioglio & Rocio Perez
       Exhibition Dates: June 9 - December 7, 2023
       In-Person Artist Reception, July 25, 2023, 6pm - 9pm | RSVP link 


CounterPulse - 80 Turk street, sf, ca 94102

        Featured ArtSpan Artists: TBA Spring 2024

City Hall - The Office of the Assessor-Recorder, #190

       Featured ArtSpan Artists: TBA Spring 2024


Information for Community Partners

Are you interested in featuring local artwork at your business or property, but don’t have the time to coordinate exhibitions and manage art sales? Let ArtSpan take care of it!

We work with local artists who produce quality artwork to coordinate rotating 3- or 6-month exhibitions. ArtSpan takes care of the planning, art-installation, labeling, signage, and sales. All you need to do is work with ArtSpan staff for scheduling and provide the budget to cover our administrative fees and pay the artists for exhibiting their work and promote the exhibitions to your clientele.